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8 Man Football Plays

8 man football plays are hard to find.  Wristband Interactive has over 2000 plays to choose from.  This novel product is already starting to make waves in the football world.  Typically, only the quarterback wears the wristband, leaving all of the other players trying to memorize the plays.  However, the game of football is moving forward and seems to be leaving this idea behind. 

With this state of exclusiveness in the rearview mirror, Wristband Interactive has stepped up as the most comprehensive and state-of-the resource for wristbands and plays.  With more than 2000 plays ranging from tackle to 2, 5, 6, 7, and 8 man football plays.  All you have to do is select the plays you want from the pool of, or you can create plays to tailor to your players or take advantage of our easy to use football play designer and design your own plays.  Either way, your customized plays will be created in a way that they will slide easily into a wristband.  Without this tool, games can become cumbersome and frenetic. 

However, Wristband Interactive will streamline your game and improve communication between players and coaches.  The result is a finely-tuned unstoppable force.  With this simple process, Wristband Interactive will propel your players to the higher echelon of the game.  Dr. G’s Playbook is stuffed with an immense variety of drills, plays, and exercises that can be used to beef up your player’s skills.  Dr, G’s Playbook has 8 man football plays and plays for flag football teams of all sizes, as well as tackle plays. 

This valuable resource provides experienced-based tips on how to lead your team to the top.  It offers offensive and defensive drills, a large variety of plays, and educational material to use to educate yourself and your players.  Every team and coach needs a convenient method to carry their plays to and from practices and games.  Teams like this should use The Flipbook.  This carrying device is a simple 3 ring binder.  Inside the binder are hole-punched high resolution papers.  Each play can be displayed on 8.5x11 paper with vibrant colors that are used to differentiate the varying roles each position is responsible for. 

The main benefit of the Flipbook is that even the little guy on the outside of the huddle can see the play being discussed.  The downloadable Coaching Guide is the most helpful and comprehensive guide for inexperienced and experienced coaches.  This on-line guide teaches coaches how to provide a comprehensive understanding of the game.  This guide will help you to teach your players about the physical and mental aspects of the game, and how to combine these to become a powerful and strategic player.

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