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Flag Football Defense

Flag Football Defense
What flag football defense plays are you currently running? Do they integrate basic flag football plays with a touch of something a little different?  Are they successful at keeping the competition at bay? The most effective teams use a blend of Dr. G's offensive and defensive strategies.

Flag Football Defense Play
If you need to spice up your flag football defense, download a copy of Dr. G's Playbook, a comprehensive guide to flag football defense. In the manual you'll learn six defensive plays and two defensive formations that will dramatically change the success of your team's play. These comprehensive plays are easy to integrate and result in a calculable reduction of points scored against your team.

For one low fee, you can have access to proven flag football strategies and tips. Basic flag football plays, formations, trick plays and blitz packages are all included for one nominal fee. The only flag football defense playbooks available on the Internet, Dr. G's Playbook has succeeded at bringing many teams to the playoffs. 

Since you own the file, feel free to distribute a copy to each of your teammates. If you lose your copy, simply print out another. Dr. G's Playbook is the most resourceful flag football guide available today. Download your copy today and take it with you to this week's practice.

Need a good football play designer?  Our easy to use software makes printing and distributing your plays quick and easy!


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5 on 5 flag football plays
6 on 6 flag football plays
7 on 7 flag football plays
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