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Need a new flag football play that will break the game open? If you've been using the same plays over and over and to no avail, it may be time for some new material. Dr. G's Play book contains a variety of offensive and defensive plays in addition to formations, blitz packages and trick plays.

Welcome to the world’s largest flag football resource on Earth.  Our playbooks and interactive coaching tools provide everything you need to improve your team’s performance on the football field.  In addition to this full color playbook, we also offer:

Flag football is very much alive today, although the lack of coaching material may have some thinking otherwise. Finally there is a flag football play book that contains everything you need to know to take your team to the championship. If you're tired of seeing incomplete passes, fumbles and other less than perfect plays, download your copy of Dr. G's Playbook.

By incorporating some of the football plays like the shotgun spread and the double-TE set, your team will experience tremendous results. Dr. G's Play book is the flag football coaching answer you've been looking for. Download your copy today and you'll be on your way to a winning season.

Why Choose Dr. G's Flag Football Play Book?
Coaching flag football teams can be tough, but whether you've been coaching for years, or you're the new coach o the block, you won't find another flag football play book on the Web that offers comprehensive offensive and defensive formations. For just one low price you can benefit from more than 50 proven plays. Conveniently downloaded from the Internet, you can buy these plays at the last minute and bring a disposable copy to the game. Since you own the file, you can reprint the document at any time.

Want to design your own plays?  With our football play designer you can create and print plays in minutes!


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