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Flag Football Strategy

A smart flag football strategy has the potential to lead a team to victory.  Some think flag football is a rudimentary form of the game of football.  However, those who have played flag football know that this is an incorrect assumption.  Flag football takes just as much speed, strength, and agility as tackle football, if not more.   Dr. G’s Playbook can serve as a resource for both of these versions of the game.  Dr. G’s Playbook is becoming the world’s largest source for the development of a flag football strategy.  Along with drills, plays, and educational material, Dr. G’s Playbook also provides 10 tips that any coach or player striving for success should take to heart.  These tips provide information regarding the importance of pitching the ball to avoid fumbles, learning the “route tree”, and avoiding turnovers. 

We also offer additional tools that will equip you with the necessities you need for top performance on the field.  These products include Wristband Interactive, the Downloadable Coaching Guide, and the Flipbook.  Wristband Interactive is the best way to mobilize any playbook.  It is an online tool that streamlines the communication between coaches and players, as well as the communication between teammates.  Did you know that over 60% of game time is spent in huddle time?  Imagine how much reducing huddle time would streamline your games.  This would allow the player’s flow of energy, intensity, and momentum to be maintained the entire game.  Wristband Interactive allows this flag football strategy a possibility. 

This online tool makes it possible for the whole group of players to wear a wristband.  Wristband Interactive has over 2000 plays to pick from.  This outrageously large selection of plays ensures that coaches can create wristbands that are customized based on the characteristics and skill level of their team.  The Flipbook is comprised of a three-ring binder full of 8.5 x 11 high resolution paper.  With the Flipbook, each page is designated to only one play.  This allows the entire huddle to clearly see the play, even the little guy in the back.  This book displays plays in full color.

Plays in the Flipbook are color-coded and appropriates for adults and kids, as well as tackle players and flag players.  The downloadable Coaching Guide is also a unique must-have coaching resource.  This resource provides educational material that help coaches to simplify their game plans.  It is also full of tips, drills, and ways to strategize each game and practice.  The downloadable Coaching Guide is the best way to ensure that your players will have an educational and fun flag football experience. 

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