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Free Flag Football Playbook

Looking for a free flag football playbook?  You have found just the right spot.  Dr. G’s Playbook is a one-of-a-kind flag football resource that has all of the information any coach or player will ever need.  Full of offensive and defensive plays,  Dr. G’s Playbook is the most comprehensive tool that has ever entered the football world.  All of the plays are appropriate for 4, 5, 6, 7, and 8 man leagues.  Not only is this playbook an essential item for flag football players and coaches, the plays, drills, and educational information included in this resource can be applied to tackle football as well. 

This book is also full of offensive and defensive drills.  The offensive and defensive drills that are offered in this resource will guarantee a successful, winning season.  These drills will make your players faster, quicker, and stronger.  In addition to increasing each player’s physical game, this free flag football playbook will also sharpen each player’s mental game as well.  Imagine finding one resource that offers everything that any coach or player would ever need to improve their own game as well as increase the mental and physical skills of the other players.  The information provided in this free flag football playbook is the perfect choice for those coaching flag football youngsters. 

If you are looking the number one resource for flag football plays, Wristband Interactive is what you are looking for.  This new product is proving itself to be the best of the best in the world of football.  With over two thousand plays to choose from, Wristband Interactive allows coaches and players to create their own free flag football playbook.  These plays are appropriate for flag football teams with any number of players.  Even better, these plays can be used for tackle games as well. 

What makes Wristband Interactive so great is that every player can wear a wristband.  Use Wristband Interactive with our new football play designer software.  This decreases confusion on the field and also decreases precious playing time that is normally spent in huddle.  When the entire team wears a band, every player knows exactly what their responsibility is and the momentum of the game can be continuous.  If you are looking for the perfect way to display the plays in your free flag football playbook, The Flipbook is your best option.  This book is designed for convenience.  The plays fit into a basic 3-ring binder that displays each play on separate 8.5 x 11 paper.  The colors are vibrant and are coordinated to exhibit the role of each player. 

When combined with Dr. G’s Playbook, The Flipbook, and Wristband Interactive, the downloadable Coaching Guide completes the package.  This easy to download guide is full of the best practice ideas, game strategies, and educational material.  Not only is it the most comprehensive guide out there, is also easy to use. 

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