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Kids Flag Football

Kids flag football is a great experience for players, coaches, and parents.  Dr. G’s Playbook can make this experience even better.  Dr. G’s Playbook is the most comprehensive playbook that covers basic skills all the way to providing intricate plays.  This playbook is not meant to be appropriate only for young football hall-of-famers.  It is also designed for tackle football, and weekend-warriors.  Coaches of kids flag football should soak up the practice ideas, drills, plays, and educational material that Dr. G.’s Playbook provides.  When they apply these tools, coaches are guaranteed to see dramatic improvement at a fast rate not often seen in kids flag football.  The kids will look forward to practices even more when their coaches apply the practice ideas found in Dr. G’s Playbook. 

This product is a must-have for any coach.  Another way coaches can increase the excitement in their young players is to use Wristband Interactive to create custom wristbands for each player.  Every young player will feel like an NFL star when they put on their wristbands.  These wristbands are effective at raising the confidence of young players.  These customized wristbands can be created by using the new and groundbreaking product Wristband Interactive.  Coaches and players are presented with over 2,000 different plays.  These plays can be used in tackle games as well as flag football games. 

These plays can also be used in kids flag football.   Spending hours trying to memorize the plays is time-consuming and frustrating for young players.  They just want to jump in and play the game.  With Wristband Interactive, the coaches can solve this problem.  In addition to eliminating the need for memorization, customized wristbands created by Wristband Interactive help to streamline game-time, as well as teach young players correct communication skills between their fellow teammates and their coach. 

The Flipbook is a product that is designed to be the most efficient and convenient way to store football plays.  This product is compatible with a 3 ring binder that is easy to transport to and from games and practices and can also be resistant to weather damage (such as snow, sleet, mud, etc…).  The best part of the Flipbook is that each play is color coded and allotted a single page.  This makes the play more visible for the players located around the outside of the huddle. 

A downloadable Coaching Guide is also a must have for any one coaching young football stars. This guide is efficient in the way it presents new practice ideas that will maximize the quality of practices.  Importantly, this coaching guide not only supplies great practice ideas, it teaches the coaches how to create their own unique practice ideas that fit the varying needs of their own players.    

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